Technology behind the capsule

(UPDATE) Moved to Raspberry Pi

I'm in the process of moving the capsule to the ARM machine. End goal is to use the 2011.12 version, the original Pi!

At the moment I'm testing the setup on the trusty Pi 4.

More info soon.

x86 Setup

I'm using Agate server on my trusty IBM rack. I configured it so the content is pointing to a mounted external floppy disk drive.


IBM SystemX x3570 M3 with Dual Intel Xeon E5645 (12) @ 1.600GHz, 32GB memory and NVIDIA Quadro K620.

Homepage of the IBM server

Docker Container

I'm using Docker for all my services so gemini was not an exception. I just followed the simple manual on the agate github page.


In the end I'm starting the container using those commands:

docker run -t -d \
  --name gemini-floppy \
  -p 1965:1965 \
  -v /media/user/disk:/gmi \
  -e \
  -e LANG=en-US \
  --log-driver local \
  --restart always \

Agate gemini server

HTTP Proxy

For regular users I also host a dedicated gemini-to-HTTP proxy. Im using the September tool also in docker.

docker run -d \
--name gemini-rss \
-e ROOT='gemini://' \
--restart always \
--net proxy-manager_default \

September HTTP proxy

CSS themes (I choosed Midnight)


Directory on floppy disk

I keep the hierarchy clean and consistent.

  |- capsule_name/
  |  +- article/
  |  |  |- article1.gmi
  |  |  |- ...
  |  |  +- articleN.gmi
  |  +- index.gmi
  +- index.gmi

Articles ends up with:

Back to index

This way I have an clear and easy way to go back using links.


As all the files are plain text I just keep the directory in my personal notes.

Whenever I want to edit or add some page I just go to that folder and edit in text editor of my choise. At this moment it's Lite XL.

Lite XL

Then when I done with drafts and want to publish my changes I use FileZilla. I added dedicated profile that opens coresponding folder on my local machine and the server (Floppy disk!). Then I upload using "change only new files". And that is it.

RSS Feed

For generating fresh feed I'm using Fesh tool. After installing it on the server I just run the script to regenerate atom.xml.


fesh -d -c 'Floppy Capsule' -r /media/user/fdd -o /media/user/fdd

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Proxy information
Original URL
Status code
Capsule response time
170.963396 milliseconds
Gemini-to-HTML time
0.163723 milliseconds

This content has been proxied by September (1f6fc).