Why Gemini?

Personal story

Over the years I was chasing this dream of what's now called "small internet". I optimize my web pages to be accessible from low-tech devices. My personal hompage is listed on 512kb.club in sub 256kb category. I do all my notes in plain text files. You may imagine my excitement when I discovered gemini protocol.

So to answer the topic quesion, for me it was the love for txt files and super simple internet.


Since most of my pages was alredy text focused it was easy to port them to this gemini capsule. I ditched all the images in favore of ASCII/ANSI art.

Now I got one simple website with all my writings as a free direcotry next to my notes. Editing and writing was never as easy.


To clearly show potential of small internet sites I decided to host this capsule fully from the real 3.5" floppy disk.

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