Raspberry Pi VNC Configuration

Stock Raspberry Pi OS cames with VNC preloaded. All you need to do is run raspi-config and turn VPN on. That's it.

But there is a problem. It is a propyretary software and it's defaut configuration prevents connecting with anything other that they crappy application.

You try to login to your Pi and you get this error:

Unknown authentication scheme from VNC server: 13, 5, 6, 130, 192

Furtunately there is a simple fix for that.

Configuring Pi

Dive into the terminal.

Set VNC password

Just run this and confirm new password.

sudo vncpasswd -service

Change authentication scheme

You need to edit the main configuration file:

sudo nano /root/.vnc/config.d/vncserver-x11

and add/change the following line:



Now you can restart the Pi or just the service:

sudo systemctl restart vncserver-x11-serviced


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