Written on Monday, June 15, 2020

Waiting is over - I got the TinyHawk II Race! My dream quad. Huge thanks to

Joshua Bradwell for this awesome gift.

First impressions of the drone are overwhelmingly positive. I fly 6 packs

already outside. And one pack at home. This is an outdoor beast.

This TinyHawk looks amazing. For me, it's the most beautiful drone out there.

It's small and light yet extremely rugged. The frame is made of carbon fiber

and the drone came equipped with Avan propellers. I still did not break any

on the classic TinyHawk. Those in the newest are even stronger.

Video quality thanks to Runcam 2 is also a huge improvement. It's bright and

sharp. It has a good dynamic range. On top of that, the link is stronger and

more stable.

But the Race would not be named that without a reason. The motors are top-notch.

They are super quiet and have this nice low pitch sound. It's not like a

mosquito as the drones just to sound but more of humming from a rack server.

The drone is super fast. At last for me. Even if I don't fly that fast it's

important when I need this speed to escape some potential crash. It also helps

with diving from high altitude. I have no problems avoiding hitting the ground.

With my slow, cine like flying I got around 6min for each 2s pack (2x1s).

That's almost twice what I'm just too. I saw a lot of negativity against Emax's

decision to make it double 1s battery instead of one 2s. But I'm glad they

did that. I have now 3 packs for my new drone without buying any new battery.

All the TinyHawks are using the same 1s batts. I don't see any problems with


Last but not least is the tune of this quad. It is just perfect. I didn't need

to change anything. It flys superb out of the box (using second profile).

That's enough for a first impression. I'm very happy :)

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