Written on Saturday, April 18, 2020

If you're a beginner you should always have those simple tips in the back of

your head.

1. Never fly over other peoples, crowds or private possessions.

2. Buy a DVR equipment and record each fly. If you lost your drone you can

look at the recording and figure out where it was last in the air.

3. Enable turtle mode if you can! It **will** saves you from many dead-end

situations like drone stuck in the tree.

4. Get familiar with your spot and pay attention to the places where the wind

always winds from one direction.

5. Pay attention to the battery level. Fly closer to you when battery capacity

is at the end (~3.0V).

6. Don't leave fully powered batteries for too long. Use them, recharge them.

7. Fly as much as you can. Each day :)

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