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Rice pancakes 🍚🥞 as bread replacement 🍞

Remix of a Pathiri, a pancake made of rice flour.




First made the rice for sushi 🍣. But even more wet and overcooked

a little bit. Put chia seeds in water to soak while rice is in the

making. Take the rice to cool down. Add rice and corn flour in 1:1 mix.

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix it up. Add good amount of oil.

The dough should be wet and soft but holds a spoon 🥄 straight.

Warm up the pan 🍳 and add sufficient oil 🫒. Put a few small pieces of

dough and form pancakes 🥞. Fry on both sides until golden/little brown.

Use this as normal bread sandwiches 🥪. Peanut butter 🥜🧈 and honey 🍯.

Cheese 🧀 and tomatoes 🍅. You get the idea.

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