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Polish Samosa 🥟





Peel potatoes 🥔 and carrots 🥕 and cut into small pieces.

Put to boiling water 💧 and boil till soft (~10min). Soak chia seed with

little water. Take the potatoes and smash them good. Add flour and a lot of

olive oil 🫒. Also some salt 🧂, pepper 🌶️ and soaked chia seed. Mix and knead

until the dough is stiff. Add olive oil or flour if needed. Put for a few

minutes aside.

Take carrots and all other veggies and add olive oil and spices. Mix it all.

Prepare pan 🍳 with a lot of olive oil 🫒. Make it hot ♨️.

Now take the dough and make small pancakes. Put a hand of veggies on the

center and file to form a cone/dumpling 🥟. Put into the pan 🍳 and fry

from both sides until golden brown.

If all went well the samosa pieces should have hard shells with a very

soft inside. Almost like a cheese 🧀.

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