Coffee ☕ around the world 🌍

Coffee is known to anyone in the world. It's the most used drug.

Let's make it more exciting by trying recipes from around the world. I choose

only those I like and drinking often. They are easy to make with common


Each of the recipes includes espresso and some unusual addition.

It speaks for itself how to prepare it :)

** Kopi Jahe ** from Indonesia

Prepared with ginger roots. Optionally add herbs 🌿: cinnamon, cardamon

and sweetener like honey 🍯.

** Mazagran ** from Catalonia

Served with ice 🧊 and lemon 🍋 juice. Citrus boosts ⚡ caffeine effects.

** Melya ** unknown origin

Unsweetened powdered cocoa and honey 🍯. Cocoa is also a very old drug

used by Aztec.

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